How to Choose a Good Periodontist in Pittsburgh


If you are interested in visiting a dentist who practices in Pittsburgh, but don’t know what kind of specialty care your teeth may need, a periodontist can be a great addition to your dental care team. This is a dentist that is trained to provide assistance to patients with gingivitis and periodontal diseases. He or she will also be able to assist you with jaw problems such as overbite and undersized mandibles.


What Do Periodontists Do?

Gum Grafting

One of the most common procedures performed by periodontists in Pittsburgh is gum grafting. Gum grafts are actually made up of tissue taken from other areas of the gumline. By placing the grafts on affected gum areas, your dentist will restore gum elasticity, which will help the grafts grow into the gums.

One of the common problems that this procedure can help alleviate is referred pain. Painful toothaches can stem from gum tissue that is decaying. The gum grafts help stimulate the growth of healthy tissue in a bacteria-free environment, and thus reduces the pain. The periodontist in Pittsburgh will perform gum grafting if the tissues in your mouth are too damaged.

Crown Lengthening

Another procedure performed by periodontists in Pittsburgh is called crown lengthening. This procedure is often used for people who have suffered some form of trauma to their teeth and require a new crown or another form of restoration work. This may especially be the case if the work that must be done is in an area below the existing gum line. A new gum-to-tooth relationship is established by adjusting the bone and gum tissue around the tooth. Your dentist will likely give you general anesthesia during the procedure.

Dental Implants

A third common procedure performed by a periodontist in Pittsburgh involves the replacement of a lost tooth with a dental implant. You may think that missing a tooth is not something that can be replaced. However, the structure of a tooth is such that a dental implant – composed of a metal root and a top crown – can effectively restore form and function. When a tooth is lost, the dentist will replace it with a dental implant that is similar in shape and size to the other teeth in the mouth.

Periodontal disease can weaken the jawbone and cause bone loss. The replacement of the tooth or teeth with healthier bone enables the gums to become stronger. When the gums heal and the bone around the tooth has stabilized, your dentist will be able to perform root planning and other cosmetic procedures to improve the overall look of your smile.

Other Periodontal Services

In addition to performing routine dental work such as cleaning, scaling, filling, and repairing cavities, a periodontist in Pittsburgh also treats patients who have undergone extensive dental work. These may include having extracted teeth, dental implants, and other structural damage to the jawbone or gum tissues. A periodontist in Pittsburgh can help patients achieve good post-treatment results by providing a comprehensive post-treatment program of care. This program helps you maintain good oral health after the fact.


Finding Your Periodontist

To be certified as a periodontist in Pittsburgh, you need to undergo a three-year residency in the field. The quality of periodontics practiced by Dr. Charles Schwimer in Pittsburgh and his outstanding results in treating periodontal disease and gum disease have earned him respect across the country. Dr. Schwimer is known for developing the revolutionary SPoT® Preservation Dentistry technique, which preserves and enhances natural tissue, thereby increasing the chances of a successful dental implant procedure.

You can feel confident in the care you receive from a periodontist who is dedicated to your oral health as well as your comfort and happiness with your smile.

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