“I have been a patient of Dr. Schwimer’s for 3 + years now and have had several procedures done including a frenectomy, bone graft, deep cleaning and recently a dental implant.

I am consistently impressed with Dr. Schwimer and the amount of time he spends with me to carefully review my dental concerns.

He is exceptional in terms of his knowledge, expertise, concern for the patient, etc and I always feel confident and at ease as a patient. His entire staff, are so friendly, efficient and accommodating.

They are always very nice to give me appointments late in the day to accommodate my work schedule. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Schwimer & His Staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Schwimer for your periodontal needs.”

Nicolina Zagorski – Google Reviews

“I will rate Dr. Charles W. Schwimer very high. He is awesome, not only just him all his nurses who do the cleaning are one of the best you can ever get. Let me explain this in detail. We (Me and My Wife) had some gum issues and my gums used to bleed a lot, we had 2 surgeries for all four quadrants twice, there was no benefit, nothing much changed, and I got so frustrated and disappointed that I gave up.

Then I went to another dentist who referred me to Dr. Charles W. Schwimer, this changed everything for us. He did surgery on us but unlink the previous periodontist his surgery was way more efficient. We both saw complete stop on our bleeding.

In addition, he is a nice gentlemen who is very kind and polite during the procedure and also patient, as I can tell you my surgery was not easy for him but he was patient. In addition, I also like to appreciate the nurses, I now go to his office every 3 months for cleaning and have interacted with almost all of the nurses they are very thorough in their work.

They do not compromise of try to be done quickly, I initially thought maybe one nurse is good but then found out they were all equally good. I guess it is the culture.”

Dinesh Chaturvedi – Google Reviews

“The doctor and staff were great with my 9 year old daughter. Helped her relax before her procedure. Definitely would recommend.”

Jennifer Wisnesky – Google Reviews

“Wow! Dr. Schwimer has a passion for his work. The implant work that he did for me was perfect and painless. It quickly became obvious that he is a perfectionist, so I had no doubt that the procedure was going to be done right. Sheila assisted in the procedure and she was wonderfully calming and knowledgeable. The entire staff could not have been more welcoming.

I travelled from Columbus on a recommendation to have this done and will gladly do it again if the need should arise. Thank you Charlie, Sheila and the rest of the crew!”

Mark M – Google Reviews

“I have pretty substantial gum disease. I met with Dr Schwimer and he explained what was wrong and how he wants to make things better for me. All of this was conveyed with a friendly non condescending tone.

His staff is wonderful and friendly and the woman who did my scaling procedure was the best. Highly recommend.”

Edd Schmetzer – Google Reviews

“Stop! Do not go anywhere else. It doesn’t matter how far you have to travel. Go to Dr. Charles Schwimer. Being over 60 years of age, I have had teeth cleaned, I have had fillings, I have had root canals. Dr. Charles Schwimer did an implant for me. This was my first experience with an implant, and it was painless. He was excellent… The absolute best!

Dr. Schwimer is filled with knowledge of what to do with whom, he has vast and endless experience, and seems to really enjoy his work. In other words, I think he is a perfectionist! He really cares. He worked hard to do what was best for me. In addition, he was kind and considerate.

The necessary talent for what he does is so complicated; it just amazes me. My implant was painless. Painless! What more could I ask for? Nothing. I am grateful to have found Dr. Schwimer for my implant. I recommend Dr. Schwimer. His staff I would choose as best friends… love them. Wonderful painless experience.”

Joyce – Google Reviews

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