SPoT® Preservation Dentistry

SPoT® is dedicated to SITE PRESERVATION of TISSUE for Implant and Restorative Dentistry. The goal is to educate and promote cases demonstrating innovative diagnostics, techniques and instrumentation that preserve and enhance our patients own tissues.

Dr. Schwimer focuses upon the clinical advancement of Partial Extraction Therapies and Osseodensification. Dr Schwimer is the creator and owner of SPoT® / Site Preservation of Tissue.


Osseodensification is a paradigm shift in osteotomy preparation. It is a bone autografting technique exclusive to use of Densah Bur running in reverse. This bur produces a compression wave which pushes bone back into the osteotomy in conjunction with site preparation. Additional benefits include primary implant stability, earlier loading, ridge expansion and sinus elevation grafting.

Partial Extraction Therapies

Partial extraction of the tooth root can help preserve thin facial bone by leaving a portion of the root connected to the facial bone via the PDL. This approach keeps the PDL vasculature in place and better preserves the ridge form by maintaining the bundle bone–PDL apparatus. (PET) components modules are, Socket Shield/Root Membrane Technique, Root submergence and Pontic Shield Technique.

Orthodontic Site Optimization

Orthodontic site optimization is periodontal ligament dependent bone apposition as a result of orthodontic tooth movement.

Orthodontic extrusion and molar uprighting can be used to stimulate bone growth for implant sites. This will enhance papilla formation and eliminating infrabony defects to adjacent implants.

Immediate Dentoalveolar Reconstruction

Immediate dentoalveolar restoration (IDR) is a treatment modality which combines immediate implant placement, reconstruction of tissues and immediate loading of a single implant supported restoration.

IDR is a minimally invasive technique using the maxillary tuberosity for bone graft. It reduces the number of interventions by integrating reconstruction of any tissue loss during the same visit as the implant placement.


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Implant Dentistry is a constantly evolving science. There has never been a more exciting time in the field, with advances in technology and new techniques that are making implant dentistry more successful. 

While bringing implant capabilities to the forefront of the dental community, these changes and advances can be quite intimidating and difficult to keep up with. Dr. Charles Schwimer has developed the SPoT® treatment philosophy which focuses upon preservation techniques to provide protocols with minimally invasive and efficient outcomes. 

Dr. Charles Schwimer offers a wide array of SPoT® themed courses, encompassing didactic, hands-on, and live surgery, he is able to provide educational training regardless of the clinician’s skill level. 

Whether you are just beginning your implant journey or continuing to advance your current skills, we trust you will find many exciting and valuable educational opportunities featured in this course guide.

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