Our Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Same-Day Dental Implants

As a periodontal office, we offer a lot of different services. They can range from general checkups to more advanced things like scaling and root planing or bone regeneration. However, far and away, one of our favorite services to provide is dental implants. 

We don’t just enjoy it because of the advanced process or the fact that we can provide our clients with functional teeth in a single day (although both are true!); we look forward to it because we know it’s one of the most reliable, authentic ways to replace missing teeth. Today, we’re going to share the three main reasons why we’re such fans of dental implants, and why they might be precisely the solution you’ve been searching for.

1. They look just like the real thing.

Veneers can change the color of your teeth, but when it comes to a tooth replacement that only you and your periodontist will ever be able to notice, same-day dental implants have no competition. 

The titanium core acts as an anchor for a custom-made crown, designed to perfectly imitate the shade of your existing teeth and crafted to naturally fit between your molars. In fact, if our patients weren’t aware which tooth was being replaced, we’re willing to bet they’d never guess! A dental implant acts just like a real tooth, too. You can use it to eat and speak alongside the rest of your teeth, and for cleaning, all you need to do is brush and floss – again, just like the rest of your teeth.

2. They’re incredibly versatile.

When you think about dental implants, we’re willing to bet that you usually only picture a single tooth replacement. You’re not wrong – that’s usually what same-day dental implants are used for, and they’re very good at that job. But what if we told you that replacing a single tooth wasn’t the only thing dental implants were good for?

Dental implants function by providing a strong core that’s rooted right into your jaw bone. It’s as solid as any other tooth in your mouth, and that’s why dental implants are sometimes called to work together.

 Let’s say you have several teeth in a row that need to be extracted, leaving a gap three or four teeth across. Previously, you might have made do with a bridge or partial denture, but that can open up the door to all kinds of inconveniences. You might have to struggle with denture paste to hold them in (and even so, you might still find them slipping out when you eat!). You might have difficulty cleaning around them if the bridge is permanently bonded to your neighboring teeth. 

Dental implants eliminate all that extra hassle. Instead of getting wired to your other teeth or being stuck in place with paste, bridges and dentures can instead connect to two or three dental implants. You’ll still be able to remove them for easy cleaning, they’ll still look like natural teeth, and best of all, they’ll be safe and secure whenever you need to count on them.

3. They’ll last you the rest of your life.

After ten years, more than 95% of dental implants are still working just fine. They’re not something we just affix to the outside of your tooth and hope it sticks. Your bone actually grows around the titanium core, which means your dental implant is supported by the strength of the rest of your jaw. 

It’ll never corrode, and unlike your natural teeth, the crown of the implant won’t decay, either. You’ll never have to worry about your implant getting a cavity, and as long as you’re not using your teeth to rip open packaging or crack the shells on nuts (which you shouldn’t be doing with your teeth anyway), you can rely on it for the rest of your life.

Same-Day Dental Implants in Pittsburgh

As nifty as dental implants are, we don’t recommend them lightly. At Periodontal and Dental Implant Solutions, your overall health and wellbeing are our primary priority. That’s why we’ll have you in for an exam and consultation to discuss all available options, not just dental implants, and will work with you to find the solution best suited to you and your unique needs.

Dr. Charles Schwimer provides state-of-the-art dental implant treatments with a focus on patient care. If you’d like to learn more about getting same-day dental implants at our Pittsburgh dental office, give us a call at 412-787-7555 or send us a message online.

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